We are your friends in Moscow!


My name is Varvara (Russian and Greek form of Barbara)

 I grew up in the historic center of Moscow, in the Patriarch’s Ponds neighborhood

 I am not a professional musician but I studied in the school of music at Tchaikovsky Conservatory and music is one of my passions

 My other passion is traveling. There are many places where I would love to return once again, but my favorite one is a small city in France, Amboise

 I lived in Luxembourg for 2 years. I received my Master’s Degree in Finance & Banking after graduating from the Luxembourg School of Finance. Afterwards, I worked for several years in different financial companies

 Having travelled a lot, I realized that I would love to organize tours myself and after studying, I became a professional guide.

Why did I choose to be a guide and organize the tours myself? 

For me it is freedom, it is a pleasure and it makes me always feel excited.

Meeting new people and share my findings about the history of Moscow and its hidden stories is part of my dream. And I will be glad to share my dream with you!

Languages: French, English, Russian.



☆ My name is Gayana. I am an English-speaking guide in Moscow

☆ The idea of tours with me is simple: make people feel the local atmosphere, give them the best experience, while being relaxed and happy

☆ This is my city, tourists are my guests, and all I want is to be a friend for my guests!

Few words about myself:

☆ I`m really lucky to live in Moscow. I love my city

☆ I can’t live without travelling! I love to meet and explore different cultures as much as I love to introduce our culture to everybody elsу

☆ When I am travelling people think I’m from Spain, France or Italy – anywhere but not Russia)) I don’t like all-inclusive hotels … Only active travelling!

☆ I love cycling so much. It’s a good way to keep fit and to explore the city

☆ I adore, ADORE children! And I have two.

Languages: English, Russian.

Gayana is officially accredited guide for making tours in the Kremlin; the State Historical Museum; the Chambers in Zaryadie – the House of the Boyars Romanov; St. Basil Cathedral; the State Tretyakov Gallery; the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts; the Museum of Cosmonautics – Space Museum; the Museum of the Great Patriotic War; New Maiden’s Convent.